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BBQ Coach is the Premier Manufacturer of DIY Outdoor Kitchen Kits constructed of 18 Gauge G60 Exterior Structural Steel.  Our products are designed for  all weather conditions, to support heavy concrete and granite counter tops, stone veneer and stucco siding.

Nothing's more important than to build your diy outdoor kitchen correctly!   You are investing thousands of dollars in Outdoor Kitchen Appliances and construction materials... By Following the BBQ Coach DIY System you can diy outdoor kitchen and Save Thousands of Dollars. BBQ Coach Kits are professionally engineered with the highest quality steel to last a lifetime.  Our Clients build amazing Outdoor Kitchens!

Get what you need from those who know how to provide it. 

BBQ Coach Module Frame Kits are the #1 Choice Of DIY Homeowners.  Our step by step videos, instruction sheets and entire system is tailor made for homeowners to successfully build the outdoor kitchen of their dreams. As of 2014, we have helped over 3500 Families Build their own modular  outdoor kitchens with Amazing Results!  Just See Our Clients Photo Album and judge for yourself!                                                                               You Can Do It!


Module Kits require assembly like Ikea furniture

FAX US YOur Drawing

Or Visit Your Local Dealer


BBQ Coach will review your bbq island drawing and send you a shopping list to price out your bbq island in our corporate store or with your local dealer. We provide this service free but we require you to send in drawings like the ones in our find a  plan to help us save time and help everyone for free.  A top view drawing with lengths, appliances, and any upgrades like split bar counters, etc. Please use 28 or 32" depth only. 32" depth is an extra $25. per module. 28" is our standard size.

Please note on your drawing: your name, email address & phone number and  if you want kits in a box that requires assembly, pre fab frame or ready 2 finish with cement board. We will convert your drawing into our modular outdoor kitchen system.



The fastest way on earth to build a bbq island frame.  

BBQ Island VS

Outdoor kitchen                                     Outdoor Kitchen IdEAS

A Bbq Island is typically a small straight island that features a gas grill                       With the BBQ Coach System using                    

and some outdoor kitchens accessories such as drawers and a fridge.                       outdoor kitchen kits to save thousands of           

Where Outdoor Kitchens provide all of the amenities you are accustomed                  dollars it is easy to overbuild.  Do not get

to indoors including: sink, drawers, refrigeration, trash drawer, cutting board,             carried away and build a massive bbq island.

ice makers or ice bins...  Real outdoor kitchens have space for serving trays              Remember, "Form Follows Function."

and are usually larger L or U island designs.  Modular  Outdoor Kitchens make          Do it yourself outdoor kitchens should match

it much easier to plan and create your outdoor kitchen ideas.  Just make a list            your landscape.  It Is best to keep your

of your bbq island appliances and then select a modular outdoor kitchens cabinet      outdoor kitchen plans close to your house.

to house each one.  This is the simplest way to a do it yourself outdoor kitchen.

     18 Gauge structural  exterior steel kits SUPER STRONG
Beware of Copy Cat Competitors who offer 25 gauge non load bearing interior steel kits for cheap prices. We are                     the #1 Manufacturer of kits And offer DvD Video and Online videos to help you complete the project.



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