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BBQ COACH Stainless Steel Grade 304 Outdoor Kitchen Components.

ALL BBQ Coach Components IN STOCK for fast shipping!!!   MADE IN USA

BBQ COACH is helping to create jobs for our fellow Americans by having

our products made in the USA. 


All of BBQ Coach components are manufactured of the highest quality 304 grade stainless steel. We have the lowest prices on the internet because our main business is the BBQ Coach Frame kits so we can afford smaller profit margins on the actual components than our competitors. 

14 day return Policy on BBQ COACH Components sold at regular price only.

Items must be returned in new and unused conditon in the original box. 20% Restocking fee plus shipping cost both ways.  Our profit margins are very tight and this policy is not flexible. Please be sure you really want it before buying.   Thank you!

ALL SALES FINAL when you buy at 30% OFF.

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  • 12 x12 door perfect for egg smokers to access soot

    BBQ COACH 12 x 12  Access Door - Made In USA - Perfect for Egg Smokers to access Soot   This is the  most popular selling single  door we offer for outdoor kitchens with a big green egg or a Primo...

    $127.14 $89.99

  • 17 x 24 Horizontal Door.  Best Used under small grills with a cutout of 24.5" or larger

    BBQ COACH 14 x 20 Horizontal Door - Made In USA   REVERSIBLE   This is the  most popular selling single horizontal door we offer for  under small 24" grills.  If your on a tight...

    $180.00 $126.99

  • 304 Grade stainless steel

    BBQ COACH 14 x 20 Vertical Door - Made In USA   This is the  most popular selling single  door we offer for outdoor kitchens.  It is large enough to pass a standard size propane tank through, while...

    $180.00 $126.99

  • BBQ COACH 15x 24 Insulated Sink w/Condiment Tray - Made In USA

    BBQ COACH 15x24 INSULATED SINK WITH CONDIMENT TRAY MADE IN THE USA  This is a high quality sink made in the USA.  Constructed of 304 grade stainless steel.    SHOP AND COMPARE  Take a look...

    $670.00 $469.98

  • BBQ COACH 17" Triple Drawers - Made In USA

    BBQ COACH 17 x 24 Triple  Drawers  - Made In USA   DUE TO THE LARGE SIZE OF THIS ITEM IT IS $57. Shipping in addition to the flat rate $99 shipping for frame kits) These are very high...

    $612.86 $429.99

  • 27 x 19 h double doors made of 304 grade stainless steel

    BBQ COACH 27 x 19 Double Doors - Made In USA   This is a perfect size double door for under 30"-36" grills. The small size makes it easier to center under the grill where other larger double doors may not...

    $270.00 $189.99


    BBQ COACH 30" Built-In Charcoal Grill   - made in USA ONLY 2 Left And this clearance sale price is over.    Due to the large size this item requires a $199 shipping charge in addition to the flat...


  • BBQ COACH Double Drawers - Made In USA SOLD OUT

    BBQ COACH 17 x 12.5 Double Drawers  - Made In USA SOLD OUT   These are very high quality double drawers for outdoor kitchens.  These drawers are built to last in all weather climates and not the...

  • BBQ COACH Narrow Trash Drawer - Made In USA

    BBQ COACH  Narrow Trash Drawer - Made In USA    This is a Fantastic product for smaller outdoor kitchens where every inch counts. With this narrow size you will have more space for other components. ...

    $400.00 $280.99

  • BBQ COACH Paper Towel Bin

    BBQ COACH PAPER TOWEL Dispenser   Overall 16 1/8 10 5/8 8 5/8 Cutout 14 1/8 8 5/8 8 7/8 ✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY ✔ PROUDLY MANUFACTURED IN THE USA ✔ QUALITY SAE GRADE 304...

    $207.14 $145.99


    BBQ COACH PROPANE DRAWER MADE IN THE USA     This is a fully enclosed Propane Drawer.  It provides the convenience of a drawer that easily allows you to refill your propane tank.  It also provides the...

    $425.71 $298.99

  • Finest Quality Made In USA

    BBQ COACH 17 x 6 SINGLE DRAWER - Made In USA     FITS UNDER THE OPEN EGG MODULE OR BELOW THE DROP DOWN  BURNER MODULE These are very high quality single drawersfor outdoor kitchens. ...

    $355.71 $249.99

  • BBQ COACH Single Drawer/Trash COMBO - Made In USA

    BBQ COACH SINGLE DRAWER / TRASH COMBO  - MADE IN USA     This is a hot seller letting you get an extra drawer above the roll out trash drawer. This saves space and money.   Maximize Your...

    $568.57 $398.99

  • BBQ COACH Tilt Out Trash - Made In  USA

    BBQ COACH Trash Tilt Out  - Made In USA   These are very high quality tilt out trash  for outdoor kitchens.  This item is  built to last in all weather climates and not the cheaply...

    $354.29 $248.99

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