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BBQ Coach Now Offers our Premium Building Supplies to Contractors

and Handymen that do not need our kits, instructions or support.

Impress your clients with our heavy duty 18 gauge steel track and studs,

our welded end frames and cutout connectors.   Save on labor cost with pre-cut

studs and welded end frames.

IN STOCK at our Irvine Location. Open 10-2 TUE - SAT.

We accept credit cards. 

All contractor items you can walk in and buy on the spot.

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  • 1 5/8 x 35" Stud - 18 GAUGE

    BBQ COACH Factory Cut STUDS  (Matches the height of our welded end frames perfectly) 1 5/8 x 35"   (considered the correct length for a cooking height counter) 18 Gauge Heavy Duty G60 Galvanization - Rated...


  • BBQ COACH 1 5/8 x 4ft Track - 20 Gauge 33 mil.   Use this steel for cutouts only.  Works well with our new cutout connectors sold separate.   33 mil is considered exterior steel.  Beware of companies...


  • BBQ Coach 1 5/8 x 8ft long Track - 18 GAUGE. G60 Galvanization.  Rated Exterior Structural Steel   8 Ft Track - 1 piece Used for perimeter frame.  Not used for cutouts with our connectors. For...


  • BBQ COACH Welded End Frames (pair of 2)

    BBQ COACH Welded End Frames ( pair of 2) 18 gauge 1 1/2" Tubular Steel G60 Galvanization Rated Exterior Structural Steel - HEAVY DUTY   Our welded end frames only come in 28" depth x 35" high to match our 35"...


  • Cement Board Screws (5000)

    BBQ Coach Cement Board Screws - Self Tapping Grey Ruspert #8 - 1 1/4"   BOX of 5,000   These our the highest quality self tapping cement board screws you can buy. They screw in flush on the cement board...


  • Framing Screws #8 x 1/2 self tapping (10,000)

    BBQ Coach Framing Screws #8 x 1/2 Self Tapping - ZINC Plated QTY: 10,000 per box for contractors.   Our unique screws have a very low profile head that does not interfere with cement board installation. Self...


  • Type a FM Warming drawer - 43830-SW - List $1425 FM Side burner cover - 3275-5F - List $67.00 FM Power Burner Cover - 3640F - List $105.00 FM Steel Griddle - 3516 - List $515 total pre discount is 2112 and less 30% would be...


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