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BBQ Coach Offers Upgrade Kits that require assembly to keep prices as low as possible.

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  •  Rounded Corner Mod 12" over hang

    12" Overhang Kit for Rounded Corner Mod new price due to labor to hand cut This is a kit that provides the pre-cut steel framing parts to make a  12" over hang for the rounded corner module. requires assembly...

    $200.00 $190.99

  • 32.75" Long Back Splash

    32.75" Long Back Splash Kit   creates a 6" high back splash behind our standard height modules.   This is a good size to use when wrapping one end of our 28" depth modules as the extra 2 3/4" will over lap the...

    $40.00 $38.99

  • 32.75" of 12" OVER HANG KIT

    32.75" of 12" over hang kit

    $28.00 $26.99

  • 4 Ft Back Splash kit   6" High (cut 2 fit Value Price)

    4 Ft Back Splash Panel (requires assembly)  Creates a 6" High Back Splash Cut 2 Fit VALUE PRICE   Reg price $84. We now mass produce this kit so that you can cut it 2 fit and pay only $60...

    $60.00 $57.99

  • 4 ft of 12" Over Hang Kit  (cut 2 fit Value Price)

    4ft Section of 12" Overhang Kit This is a kit that provides the pre-cut steel framing parts to make a 4ft section of 12" level over hang. requires assembly. Reg Price was $60.  We have marked it down to $35 as a...

    $36.00 $34.99

  • 4 FT of 4" OVER HANG

    4" Over Hang Kit Sold in 4ft Sections  Requires Assembly 4" Over Hnag kit is commonly used for a tile counter top that over hangs stone veneer. If you have a granite or concrete slab these can over hang without the...

    $30.00 $28.99

  • attach with 2 connector plates sold separate.

      Footrest Frame Kit This is not a pro panel and requires you to screw together. Made of 20 gauge 33 mil steel that is 6" wide for the perfect foot rest.   Sold only in 4 ft lengths. You can trim down the 2...

    $55.00 $52.99

  • Picture shows our standard 6" high back splash, this kit will include much taller bar studs
for a 24" high back splash

    NEW   4ft Long Back Splash Kit with 59" Studs to create a 24" High Back Splash behind our standard height modules.   measures:  48" Long x 2.5" depth x 59" High bar...

    $129.00 $122.99

  • Bar Gap Filler

    BAR GAP FILLER   measures 2 1/2" x 48" with 4" Splip Over   USe to connect over hang around a 90 degree corner or to connect over hang to a table...

    $15.00 $14.99

  • G4000 Rounded Table End Kit

    G4000   Kit requires assembly Ties into a BBQ Coach Split Bar Counter or make stand alone 22" long x 42" wide NO CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE      This item is not a pro panel and requires full...

    $150.00 $142.99

  • Rounded Corner Module back splash

    Curved Back Splash for Rounded Corner Mod. requires assembly    NEW Price due to labor to manufacture by hand    This is a back splash section 41" high when placed on...

    $200.00 $190.99

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