4 Ft. Straight Module (Tube Corners)

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  • BBQ Island In A Box
  • 4 Ft. Straight Module  (Tube Corners)
  • Pre-made access holes
  • 4 Ft. Straight Module  (Tube Corners)
  • 4 Ft. Straight Module  (Tube Corners)



BBQ COACH 4 Ft Module Frame Kit 32"  reg $274.99


 FAST SHIPPING Frame kit orders now ship out in 1-2 business days!

 Orders with  Appliances may take up to 7 business days to ship out

 The Only BBQ Frame Kit with steel tubes for the corners

This kit is the Fastest and Easiest way to assemble an Outdoor Kitchen Frame

Of Premium Quality and Craftsmanship!  With our New Patent Pending 

Welded Tube Corners you achieve the strength of a professional grade

welded frame that normally cost over $200 Linear Ft.   Now you can have

a welded BBQ Frame without doing any welding! 



All parts of this module are produced in a real factory!  This is not something a contractor

cut up in a garage.  This is high quality mass production giving you identical parts for a perfect fit!


Length: 51 1/4"  (NOTE: If you want a true 4ft long module you need to cut the four 47 7/8" length wall tracks to 44 5/8")

Depth:  32"

Height   35" studs


With this product you can easily make custom size modules!  

Custom Length:  Just trim the 4 length wall tracks to a shorter size before assembly.

Custom Depth:   Just trim the 4 end frame tracks from 32" to a shorter depth, (30,28,24,etc...)

Note: Make sure your components will fit before resizing modules to a smaller size. 



All BBQ Coach Products are constructed of premium grade materials.

All Steel Parts Have a G60 galvanization Rating which is much higher than the 

regular G40. All Weather Approved!  Tracks are 18 gauge Exterior Structural Steel.

This is not the cheap 25 gauge interior steel purchased for non bearing loads and interior sheet rock walls.

With BBQ Coach products you know you are building something that will last a lifetime!

 Whats Included:

4 ea.  Heavy Duty  Tube Corners     

4 ea.  1 5/8 x 32" End Frame Tracks          - 18 Gauge 

4 ea.  1 5/8 x 47 7/8" Length Wall Tracks   - 18 Gauge

6 ea.  1 5/8 x 35"       Structural Steel Studs


1 ea.  Instruction Sheet 


Here is a link to the Instruction videos for this product. You will receive a password with your order to watch the video.


Whats Not Included:

screws, cutout kits, air vents, cement board, additional screws, actual appliances

finishing materials, etc...

 Read This if You Are Adding Back Splash

Back Splash kits are sold in 4ft lengths. If you want the module to match the 4ft back splash

you must cut the four length wall tracks of this 4ft module to approx. 44 5/8" long before assembly.

If you want to keep the module  51" length and will have back splash you may need to add a 1ft Back Splash Section.







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20 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by William Eddy on 20th Jun 2020

    This kit/parts/module was just as advertised! The instructions and instruction videos were extremely helpful. This is an excellent way to go if you are a DIY kind of a person! I recommend watching a couple of the videos before purchasing and if nothing scares you then go for it!! I did a 4 appliance, 20 foot outside counter with 3 doors, 2 drawers and a sink for a little over $1400. I saved thousands doing it myself!!

  • 5
    Very Strong frame

    Posted by Lesvierty on 9th Sep 2019

    I put together my modules and the frames are very strong. The welded corners make a big difference. Disappointed I have to buy screws separate but otherwise very happy.

  • 5
    Great Product made the bbq frame easy to build!

    Posted by AngelSmono on 28th May 2019

    The module frame was super easy to assemble with the tube corner invention. All the studs were pre cut and saved me a lot of cutting. You can tell it was factory made and not some cheap cut job.

  • 5
    Built My Frame in One Day!!!

    Posted by Jimmyapalt on 23rd May 2019

    Great product. I was able to build my frame on Saturday and on Sunday I was able to install the cement board. Once I got the cement board on it really felt like an outdoor kitchen. After I placed my order I called them to get the password for the videos. I watched them before the product arrived. The videos are terrific! It is a crash course in steel framing and helped me a lot. Thanks Jimmy

  • 5
    Much Stronger Frame

    Posted by Matt on 2nd May 2019

    This steel is much stronger than the stuff at Home Depot and the welded tube corners made it even stronger. I know this thing is going to last. Compared to other alternatives this is the best way to DIY a bbq frame and saved me a lot of money. Thanks Matt

  • 4
    Great Product!!!

    Posted by KeithCashy on 11th Jan 2019

    Super Strong and easy to use. Makes me feel safe that I have a strong frame that will last. Much stronger than all the other products I looked at and surprisingly much cheaper! Evan at $200 it is a good deal with the welding.

  • 5
    4' module

    Posted by Bob on 6th Jan 2019

    I used 5 of these to create a 3 level, 17' U shaped kitchen with a backsplash and bar. All you have to do is follow the directions precisely, measure and cut accurately and assemble squarely with plenty of clamps. I prepped for a concrete countertop and backsplash cap. This system is very strong. You can make it even stronger with strategic bracing and support.

  • 5
    Excellent Design Better Than Other Systems

    Posted by Kent on 2nd Jan 2019

    The welded tube corners and the connectors are an excellent design. Made assembly much easier and gave me a finished product much stronger than if using regular steel studs and tracks. Prices are excellent in comparison to Grillnetics which is three times the price and not heavy duty steal like the BBQ Coach kits.

  • 5
    Great DIY System

    Posted by David on 26th Jul 2018

    “I am very impressed with the 18ga. steel frames and the quality of the double doors, 2 and 3 drawer cabinets and the various kits (sink kit, drawer and door kits and frig kit) I purchased.

    The videos on your website (password protected videos) were very helpful as I need to visualize how to put the pieces together. As long as you have an impact drill (which you can pick up for around $69-$79 at home depot, screwing the pieces together is a piece of cake. There are good tips in the videos on how to screw these together with little effort.

    I think anyone who is contemplating on building a DIY BBQ kitchen, you will be happier with the BBQ coach products v.s. building your kitchen out of wood or brick. I used cement board which gives you a lot of options which I went with stucco and a granite top (can find good deals on granite if you shop DIY suppliers).

    All and all I’d recommend this product without any reservations".


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