8 Ft Module Frame Package Deal (3 Module package)

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300.00 LBS
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when you buy this package deal of

3 each 8ft module frames

reg price for an 8 ft module is $499. x 3 = $1497

FAST SHIPPING Frame kit orders now ship out in 1-2 business days!

Orders with Blaze, Bull or Fire Magic Appliances may take up to 7 business days to ship out


current sale price on 8ft module frames is $374.99 x 3 = $1124.97

minus extra $100 for package deal price = 1024.97  TOTAL SAVINGS OF $472.03


8 ft modules include

10 studs 35" tall + 4 ea 32" end frame tracks, 4 each welded tube corners, 4 each length wall tracks

Welded tube corners create super strong steel frames as shown in our you tube video!

Our frames are all weather approved and support heavy appliances, granite & concrete slab counters and stone veneer siding.




Select Yes for Pro Panel end Frame (+$100 per module) and we will professionally assembly the pair of end frames.




actual appliances, cutout kits, screws, cement board, air vents, etc...



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