Limited 15 year warranty.   Buyer must follow the BBQ COACH SYSTEM with decking boards installed under the frame, cement board on all 4 sides plus the counter top.   BUYER to spray paint cold galvanization spray on any scratches to framing made during construction before covering with cement board.   BBQ Coach has a thick G60 coating of galvanization to protect from rust, but if you scratch the coating off you need to replace it by spraying on new galvanization.  In areas that are known as high rust areas such as next to the ocean with salt air it is buyers responsibility to inspect the frame once a year and maintain it by cleaning off any rust and recoating with cold galvanization spray or an exterior paint like rust guard.  Any defective steel parts that meet all of the above criteria will be eligible for a replacement steel part.   Under no circumstances would warranty cover the replacement of the entire outdoor kitchen, etc.  Warranty only covers the actual steel part that is effected to no fault of incorrect construction.



1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ON ALL BBQ COACH COMPONENTS. To File a claim buyer must have receipt and tracking number showing date of delivery is within the 1 year mark.   Seller retains all rights to make the final decision if item in question is eligible for warranty replacement parts. NON-TRANSFERRABLE