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Please log into your account to send emails so that they are attached to your order # and we are sure to see your message. 

For immediate assistance please call us at 949-336-5535 from 10am-4pm PST.



14 days from the date of delivery. Buyer pays shipping both ways plus a 20% restocking fee.

No returns accepted after the 14th day.


3 Days from the day of delivery to report damage.  Please take digital pictures to help us file a claim with the freight company.   No claims for damaged items accepted after 3 days as there is no way for us to know who damaged it; the freight company, the factory or the buyer, or his contractors.  The freight company will not approve claims for damage after 3 days.  If you have the product a whole month or longer there is no way to know that someone at buyers property did not damage the item as too much time has gone buy.