Why BBQ Coach is #1

  BBQ COACH is the #1 DIY Outdoor Kitchen System In America!



- We are the only manufacturer of real steel module frames up to 8ft long that include Welded Couplers that can still be easily screwed together with self drilling screws.          (patent pending)

- Our Steel Is Heavy Duty Exterior, Structural Steel with thick Galvanization that is all weather approved.

- Our Modules are up to 75% less than ready to finish modules that come with cement board.  Cement board sheets at Home Depot cost around $10 each. Why pay $800 for a 4ft module with cement board when you can buy ours for under $200 and get your own cement board for a fraction of the competitors price.

-  BBQ Coach is now fully staffed and our Team Members are able to ship most frame kit orders out within 24 hours!  It is very FAST SHIPPING! 

note: order with appliances from Blaze, Fire Magic, Bull may take up to 7 days to ship out all together. This is still fast compared to a lot of our competitors.


BBQ Coach is the only manufacturer of a DIY Outdoor Kitchen System that has a full support website dedicated to helping our clients build their own outdoor kitchens. 

 Over 50,000 Homeowners have now used our System with Amazing Results!


At BBQ Coach we want to help you build an Amazing Outdoor Kitchen with the best appliances possible.  We can save you the most money of any company online by making you a package deal of the frame kits combined with the grills and components. We now have a full time Assistant BBQ Coach that is happy to work with you to create the best package to suit your needs.


Work With A BBQ Coach and Build an Amazing Outdoor kitchen of your Dreams!