Pro Panel System vs Steel Tube System



Our Premium Steel Tube System $$$ (SOLD OUT Until Early July)

This system uses real steel tubes. Our couplers allow you to join the steel tubes without welding. This system is the most easy for homeowners and contractors to build a welded steel frame without the welding. Pre-Orders now being accepted with sale prices. If you agree to wait for delivery until July, we can give you the sale price this month only for our steel tube system. Limited Quantities. This popular system will be sold out before our container arrives in early July.


Our Pro Panel Track & Stud System (Heavy Duty Steel & Connectors) $

IN STOCK SHIPS FAST (Most orders ship from our warehouse is 3 -7 business days)

If you want to build your outdoor kitchen in time for the 4th of July this is your best choice!

This system uses structural galvanized steel track and studs. Our Track & Studs are rated for exterior use and Heavy Duty. Do not use thin gauge studs from the local building store. They are not rated for exterior use or structural support. They are designed to hold sheet rock walls only. 

This system has many pre-cut parts saving you a lot of time and hassle.

SAVE the most money using this system. 

It is half the price of our premium Tube System.