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These are the kits that will support your chosen appliances within the module frames.

They are Universal and work with all brands. Parts include 20 ga 33 mil track and studs. We label each part for easy assembly.  Some parts require you to cut 2 fit. Can be cut with weiss snipps if you do not want to use power tools. BBQ Coach offers online videos to guide you step by step when making your cutouts.  It is very easy to do after watching our member only videos.

Select Sizes that are = or longer than your appliance.

EXAMPLE:  36" door kit will fit all doors 36" or less.

EXAMPLE:  37" Grill kit will fit all grills 37" or less.

Actual Modules and Appliances are sold separate.


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  •  52" Grill Platform Kit

    52" Universal Grill Platfrom Kit   Extra track and studs that creates a platform on the inside of the module. You decide what height to install it depending upon the thickness of your counter top.   This is a...


  • 3ft open egg cutout for for long modules over 5ft

    NEW   3ft open egg cutout for modules over 5 ft     This is not our 3 ft open egg module.   This is a cutout kit for our new 8ft module to create an open drop down platform...


  • grill platform kit (grill not included)

    48" Grill Platfrom Kit this is the extra studs and track to frame a shelf for the grill to sit on.  Most grills do not require this shelf. Only a few high end grills like DCS, Viking, Lynx need this platform. This...


  • 52" Door/Drawer combo cutout frame kit
(actual door/drawer unit not included)

    52" Door Drawer combo cutout frame kit   We cut this one 54" long giving you enough track for large multi utility drawer units with cutouts up to 52" wide. Includes 4 cts horizontal supports to hold the unit off the...


  • 52" Grill Kit

    52" Universal Grill Cutout Kit.  Fits any grills up to 52" cutout. Some grills like DCS or Viking may require a grill platform kit sold separate.   This is the extra steel track and studs needed to support...


  • Double wall grill cart kit
plus a framed platform not included

    Double Wall Grill Cart Kit (requires assembly - not pro panels 60" Long - cut down to fit your grill cart includes: 4 each 5ft 18 gauge tracks + 10 studs 1 5/8 x 35"   We Now Only Offer Frame Kits in a Box if this...

    $150.00 $105.98

  • Drawers - Vertical

    Standard Drawer Cutout Kit max cutout 24"   Universal kit that works with all brands of vertical drawers with a cutout width of less than 24'       Width tracks come 48" long.   On orders...


  • drop in ice cutout frame kit
(actual ice bin not included)

    Drop In Ice Bin/SINK/Side Burner Knobs Face SKy   Universal kit that works with all brands of Drop In Ice Bins, Sinks and Drop in Side Burners (knobs face sky)   Width tracks come 48" long. On orders after...


  • Egg Kit - for eggs enclosed in straight modules

    Egg Smoker Cutout Kit for Straight Module   This is the extra studs and track to build a platform and support the counter top around your egg smoker.   For green egg XL we recommend 32" depth modules or our 3...


  • Fridge / Ice Maker Kit

    Universal Fridge / Icemaker Kit.   note: for a KEG buy this kit plus 2 counter top supports to put on each side of the tap.   Max Height Fridge is 34.5"   This is the extra track and studs you need to...


  • side burner platform kit
actual side burner sold separate

    GRILL / SIDE BURNER PLATFORM KIT    NOTE: GRILL OR SIDE BURNER CUTOUT KIT SOLD SEPARATE - THIS IS JUST A PLATFORM  Universal kit that works with all brands of grills and side burner   Width tracks...


  • ALL SINGLE and Double Doors up to 48"
actual door sold separate

    Universal DOOR KIT   all doors, paper towel bins, tilt out trash   Width tracks come 48" long.   On orders after March 13 our New No Cut Connectors are Included with this kit...


  • 48" Universal grill kit
actual grill not included

      Universal Grill / Slide in Side Burner / Bar Center up to a 48" wide cutout       Universal kit that works with all brands of grills, slide in side burners (knobs face forward), bar...


  • xl drawer cutout kit

    XL DRAWER KIT Utility drawers, enclosed drawers up to 48" Wide Cutout   Width tracks come 48" long. On orders after March 13 our New No Cut Connectors are Included with this kit.   Width Tracks Custom...


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