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Screws, Air vents, Decking board, Cement Board, actual applainces, etc...

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  •  Electrical Box for steel framing

    Steel Electrical Box designed for steel framing.   Easy to attach to frame with framing screws.   TIP When installing into a 6" high back splash frame they must be installed horizontally under the top...


  • 1 lbs box Decking Board Screws

    BBQ COACH Decking Board Screws  (not used for cement board)   With the BBQ COACH System you will need to attach decking board under the base of your frames.  These are the best screws to use...


  • 1 lbs box Framing Screws

    BBQ COACH Self Tapping framing screws with a low profile head.                   zinc.   Designed for screwing...


  • 1 pack of Composite Shims ( a must have for BBQ Coach System)

    Composite Decking Shimms 10 in 1 pack   A Must Have for the BBQ COACH System used to install cement board at the correct height, to shim island level if needed and to space cement board screws every 8...


  • 4 lbs box Cement Board Screws

    BBQ COACH Self Drilling Cement Board Screws (contractor size)   The right screws are very important to install the cement board because they counter sink into the cement board and they self drill into the thick...


  • 5 Gallon Cement Board STucco

    BBQ COACH Cement Board Stucco This Product Cost $50 to ship in addition to our flat rate shipping White color  5 gallon pail   Thats Only $20. gallon (Lower Cost as Premium House Paint)    Reg...


  • BBQ COACH Custom Plan Shopping List



  • connector plates (use to tie modules together)

    Connector Plates   use 2 per connection of 2 modules use 4 per back splash panel conection to module modules- screw to the center end studs of your modules back splash - screw to the back splash studs and to the...


  • Decking Board Strips

    Composite Decking Board Pre Cut Strips   Select from the drop down menu the length needed. 28" Standard - 24 & 32" special order   This decking board is approx.  1" thick and is available in...


  • Need your Pro Panel Kits FAST!  Add expedited service to your order and we will ship it out in 48 hours.
*read service description for more info

    Expedite Order Procssing for PRO PANEL Frame Kits   Normally when we are not having a sale orders of frame kits ship in 5-7 business days. During our sales we receive many orders and average 10-14 business...


  • Extra Studs & Track

    Extra Studs and Track   18 GA Studs 1 5/8 x 35" - buy extra studs for cement board seams or when you have a door under a grill and need an extra stud. 18 GA Track 1 5/8 x 41" - extra track is needed when you have a...


  • Hidden Bar Support

    Hidden Bar Supports   12 x 12 flat L steel support.   NEW LOWER PRICE USE TO BE$14. EACH     Used to support split bar counter over hangs and level 12" over hang kits.   tile...


  • Membership Renewal

    Renewal Of Membership to Online Videos   WHen you purchase $400 or more of Bbq Coach frame kits you recieve free online membership that expires the last day of the year you make purchase. To renewel this membership...


  • NEW Counter Top Support with Connectors

    NEW Counter top support with connectors CTT   This support is for the counter top only, If you need a support for making shelf's then you should order our old counter top support...


  • OLD STYLE Counter Top Supports (CTS)

    OLD STYLE Counter Top Support for Straight Modules This is our old counter top support that can be installed in the counter top or within the frame for a shelf etc. This is not the new counter top support...


  • Square Packages are included with modules

    Square Package     includes: 4 pairs of 2 CT 2 pairs of studs   Buy 1 per module...

    $5.00 $4.99

  • Stainless Steel Air Vents 4x18

    BBQ COACH 304 grade stainless steel air vent 18 x 4 made in USA. It comes with a protective film which is nice protection during construction from stucco or stone veneer mortar.  Use cement board screws to fasten to...


  • color may be affected by monitor and not actual color.
This is the color of stucco used in the bbq coach you tube video
with the 2" thick concrete counter tops connected to a fireplace.

    Stoney Creek Stucco  - 5 gallon bucket This is the stucco we used in the you tube video. It is a very beautiful brown color with aggregate mixed in for a beautiful finish. This stucco is acrylic and approved for...


  • Stucco Adhesive - 1 gallon

    STUCCO ADHESIVE - 1 gallon jug   This product is used in conjunction with BBQ Coach Cement Board Stucco.   Simply paint the adhesive onto the wall of your bbq island and then apply stucco. It is best to do...


  • Stud  2 1/2 x 41" used for BBQ Coach Bar Height Straight Modules or back splash  


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